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Odyssey Case FZ1014W - Combo Rack - 10 Top Space, 14 Bottom Rack, Slanted with Wheels

10U Top Slanted 14U Vertical Pro Combo Rack with Wheels

Dimensions: 21.25" W x 24.00" D x 41.50" H
Weight: 71.60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 22.00" W x 24.50" D x 37.50" H
Shipping Weight: 76.20 lbs
Vertical Rack Spaces: 14
Slanted Rack Spaces: 10
UPC: 807822025088
EAN: 8078220250804
Case Constructs:
  • Silver Hardware
Case Features:
  • Casters

Our ATA Combo Racks give you the best of both worlds. Mount mixers and controllers on top for convenient access and all other essentials below. Each features heavy-duty rubber feet (non-wheeled versions), spring-loaded handles, and recessed hardware. "W" versions feature heavy-duty casters on a dolly plate (2 with sure stop brakes) while "DLX" versions feature lids that double as side mount workstation tables.

Features and Specifications

? 3/8" Ply Construction
? Top Slanted Rack: 10 spaces
? Bottom Vertical Rack: 14 spaces
? Heavy-Duty Ball Corners
? Recessed Latches and Spring-Loaded Handles
? Heavy-Duty Casters(2 w/brakes)*Caster Assembly is Required
? Removable Front Lid and Rear Trap Door
? Interior Depth of 18" from front Vertical Rail to Back Door
? 3" Interior Depth at the Front from Top Slant Rail to Bottom Rail
? 6" Interior Depth at the Back from Top Slant Rail to Bottom Rail
? Limited Lifetime Warranty