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Eliminator Decor MBSK Pak


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The Eliminator Lighting Decor MBSK Pak Pro is an all-in-one portable mirrorball system that allows mobile entertainers the ability to easily set-up and use the classic, and still very popular, mirror ball look at their events. The system includes the Eliminator Decor MBSK mirror ball stand (with white scrim), an Eliminator EM20 20-inch mirror ball, and two ADJ Saber Spot Go battery powered RGBW colored LED pinspot. The system also includes the Eliminator Decor MBSK Bag and Event Bag Large that securely store the mirror ball stand and 20-inch mirror ball. 

The Decor MBSK is a mirror ball stand with a mirror ball motor capable of holding mirror balls from 8" in. up to 20" in. big. Mirror ball RPM is 3 RPM. Also comes with a white scrim to cover the tripod stand and has a power cable with an on/off switch incorporated into it to turn motor rotation on or off. Mirror Ball Motor, Stand & White Scrim Included. 

The ADJ PL-1000 Pinspots include halogen lamps.


System includes

  • 1x Eliminator Decor MBSK mirror ball stand (with white scrim)
  • 1x Eliminator EM20 20-inch mirror ball
  • 1x Eliminator Decor MBSK Bag
  • 1x Eliminator Event Bag Large
  • 2x ADJ PL-1000 Halogen Pinspots with lamps