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Sennheiser AM 2 - BNC Connecting Cables For Sennheiser GA2, GA3

BNC connecting cables for mounting antennas on Sennheiser GA2 or GA3.

  • EM 100 G2 receiver
  • EM 300 G2 receiver
  • EM 500 G2 receiver
  • SR 300 IEM G2 transmitters
  • 2 x 50Ω BNC Cables
  • Mounting Accessories
  • 50Ω
  • Length: (Approx.) 1’

***NOTE: Please be aware that certain systems or transmitters operating in the 617-652MHz or 663-698MHz frequency ranges are no longer in compliance with recent regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Contact our Sales Pros at 800-356-5844 for help choosing a compliant wireless system that fits your needs and to learn about available trade-in rebates. Details on current wireless regulations are available at