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Rane Commercial RAD26 Single Room Remote Audio Device Interface


Rane Commercial RAD26

Key Features:
  • RAD with Audio and Logic I/O
  • On-Board 2-Channel 4W Amplifier
  • Local Audio Line Input
  • Two Euroblock Inputs (Mic/Line/Line+)

The RANE Electronics RAD26 is a HAL compatible remote audio device that offers audio and logic I/O with a 2-channel 4W amplifier well suited for presentation sources, volume, projector and screen control, and meeting rooms with A/V teleconferencing and speakers as well as spas with background music, local music input, stereo ceiling speakers, and hotel or cruise ship room TV and local input sound systems.

The RAD26 features a color LCD display and rotary encoders to control a variety of sources and destinations. The dual universal audio I/O interface includes line-level input jacks for local needs, a headphone output, and a dual 4-watt amplifier. A single shielded cat 5e (or better) cable drop is all that's needed to connect it to a HAL compatible multiprocessor.

On the rear, there are 2 balanced Euroblock mic/line/line+ audio inputs with the mode set in Halogen software. The line+ inputs accept unbalanced left and right signals and sums them to mono. Additionally, 24V phantom power is available for condenser mics. For end users, there is a 3.5mm Aux input on the underside of the front, accepting the output of a smartphone, laptop, or other consumer device.

Three logic closure inputs and three active-low outputs add to the control capabilities. The built-in amplifier powers a small stereo pair of room speakers, or it can be switched in software to power a single 8W speaker. The RAD26 fits with most decor in a matte white metal box. A programmable ambient light sensor automatically dims the display and status LEDs in darkened rooms. The Rane RAD26 includes a mounting bracket with an installation tool.

  • Remote Audio Device (RAD) with audio and logic I/O and on-board 2-channel 4W amplifier
  • Local audio line input (smartphone, laptop, MP3)
  • Two balanced Euroblock inputs Mic / Line / Line+
  • Amplifier outputs for speakers
  • Level control
  • Source selection


Phantom Power: 24V 2% 10 mA Max, Always On in Condenser Mic Mode Line+ Mode: (Active Summer) Left ("+") and Right ("-") Signals Summed to Mono
Maximum Input Level L+R: 14 dBu (Maximum 12 dBV) Minimum Load: 32 Ohms Logic Low-Input Level: 0.1 (Maximum) Output FET On, Sink Current < 200 mA
Indicators Signal Indicators: -50 Typical dBFS Unbalanced / Balanced Output, Green LED, Peak Reading
Overload Indicators: -0.5 Typical dBFS Unbalanced / Balanced Output, Red LED, Peak Reading
Microphone Input
Line Inputs (Balanced)
AUX Inputs
Balanced Line Output
Headphone Output
Amplifier Output
Logic Connections
Color Display Size: 2.0 x 1.5" / 49.8 x 37.6 mm
Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixels
Color Depth: 16-Bit 131,071 Colors
Backlight Brightness: 320 cd/m2 (Typical) Adjustable in Software from Maximum to Off in 10 Steps
Ambient Light Sensitivity: Software Configurable to Adjust How Sensitive the RAD26 Screen Is to Changes in Ambient Light
Wiring Class 2
Conformance CE, FCC
Ambient Temperature 104°F / 40°C (Maximum External Loading)
Dimensions Size: 5.9 x 4.5 x 0.9" / 149.1 x 115.1 x 22.1 mm
Depth with Knob: 1.6" / 40 mm
Wall Bracket Size: 4.9 x 3.9" / 123.8 x 98.4 mm
Weight 1.4 lb / 617 g