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Technomad 1646 Schedulon Audio Player

Schedulon™ – Audio Solution

Schedule Alerts – Play Music – Make Announcements

Schedulon stores up to 200+ hours of audio. Connect via a removable SD card or front-mounted LAN port. Audio can also be directly recorded into Schedulon storage. Audio can be managed via web interface or with the Schedulon alone. With the Schedulon web interface, you can manage audio files, create scheduled announcements, daily music loops or send one-time messages, entirely remotely. No need for any software, manage from any web browser.  Originally made for the US military, the Schedulon is built to last. With no threat from viruses and password protection options, you can rely on the Schedulon to keep working even where other products fail.

Features and Specifications

  • Hatch-protected SD card (Security Screw option to meet non-removable media requirements)
  • Front-Accessible Ethernet jack
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ high, 19.5″ wide, 10.5″ deep (1U Rackmount)
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Storage: 16 GB Standard – 200+ hours of audio at high quality. Unlimited tracks (to memory max). Easy upgrades for more memory.
  • All sound files and schedule / knob assignment data are stored on Flash drive for easy removal and ‘cloning’ of the Schedulon if desired.
  • File Transfer: Ethernet cable connects to PC, OR by removing SD card drive and connecting to PC.
  • Standard file format – no proprietary card format, no special audio format.
  • Local Recording – record audio directly to any knob position from the Schedulon’s line-in. Integral OGG or WAV encoding keeps audio quality high, file sizes small. Use recorded audio in schedules for automatic playback (see below), and/or play the recorded audio from the assigned knob ‘slot’.
  • Scheduling: Unlimited scheduled events – sounds can be automatically played at any time of day on specific days of the week / weekdays / weekends, or at specific days. Sounds can be repeated and looped as part of a schedule. Audio files played from the front knob interrupt scheduled audio (for emergency warnings, etc), but scheduled audio resumes with next event start. Up to 100 lines of scheduling can be created.
  • Instant Access: Audio files can be assigned to any of 99 Knob positions – these audio files can be selected from the knob on the front of the unit, and played instantly. Sounds can be set to loop indefinitely, play once through, or play only while the knob is pushed in.
  • Ideal upgrade from: Roland AR-100, AR-200, Ar-3000, EV-20R TOA message repeaters, alarm co digital message repeaters, Alcorn-McBride digital audio machine, Sonorous, and other commercial-grade audio playback systems.
  • Password-protected front knob lock out
  • Remote control of unit (play sounds, stop sound playback) via network CGI-command language
  • Edit schedule of units remotely via network
  • Upload / delete sounds in unit remotely via network
  • Power: 110/220VAC power
  • Inputs: Stereo, 2x RCA jack, 2x screw terminal (optional)
  • Outputs: Stereo, 2x RCA jack, 2x screw terminal (optional)