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Horizon 16x4x2-100 Power Mic Snake - Fan to Box - 100'

16x4x2 Power Series Snakes use 24 gauge conductors for inputs and Heavy 14 gauge conductors for speaker channels. With 16 Mic inputs with 4 Line level audio returns, the snake also incorporates 2 speaker level channels. 100% shielding on microphone and return channels with heavy duty, flexible PVC jacketing. The line level audio returns use 1/4" TRS returns on box and fan.With a wire mesh strain relief at fan end and paralleled outputs via 1/4 inch on speaker lines, this snake offers a the most versatile configuration for an "All-in-One" set up. Available in 50', 75', and 100' lengths.

Cable:                       PS** (**designates number of channels/pairs)
Conductor Gauge:     24 gauge(mic) 14 gauge(speaker)
Insulation:                  PVC
Shield:                       Indiv. jacketed and shielded mic pairs
Jacket:                       Matte PVC
O.D.                          see complete wire specs for list of O.D