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Horizon MT1220FM 12 Channel Multitrack

Horizon MT-1220FM 12 Channel Multi-Track


  12 Chanel configuration

  Standard lengths offered 10', 15', 20', and 25'. (Other lengths available)

  Shrink fan with channel number ID markers behind each connector

  Metal mesh cable bale on fans on 25 ft and longer lengths

  Connector options include RCA Male, XLR Female, XLR Male, 1/4" mono male, or 1/4" TRS stereo male

  Manufactured in our facilities, by our employees, according the strictest quality standards

Cable:          SN12-24GA
Gauge:          24 Ga conductors
Insulation:     PVC
Shield:         Indiv. Foil shielded pairs
Jacket:         Matte PVC
O.D.            see complete wire specs for list of O.D.


MT1210FM 10 Ft FM
MT1210FS 10 Ft FS
MT1210MS 10 Ft MS
MT1210SS 10 Ft SS
MT1215PP 15 Ft PP
MT1215FM 15 Ft FM
MT1215FS 15 Ft FS
MT1215MS 15 Ft MS
MT1215SS 15 Ft SS
MT1220FM 20 Ft FM
MT1220SS 20 Ft SS
MT1225FM 25 Ft FM
MT1225MS 25 Ft MS
MT1225SS 25 Ft SS