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American Audio ELS GO 8BT Speaker


Powerful, Portable ELS-GO-8BT can play anywhere, whether there is power available or not. The internal rechargeable battery lets you have great sound anywhere. Whether you are doing a presentation, playing music outdoors, or using it to as your background system as you play your favorite instrument or sing your favorite song. Perfect for rentals or production as well as extending the boundaries of any event. Wireless Audio connectivity, and USB/Memory Card andinputs allow you to have all the music at your fingertips. The ELS-GO-8BT is the perfect companion when you need great sound and do not have AC Power. ELS-GO-8BT- the possibilities are limitless. 


  • Lightweight, battery powered speaker with Wireless Audio
  • 8" USB Active speaker specifically designed for the DJ and rental market. 
  • Extremely high efficiency design with low power consumption and plenty of output power for those small, mid level parties. 
  • Microphone input (XLR+Jack) and volume control great for when you want to use it for a small PA speaker. 
  • Line inputs 
  • Line Outputs 
  • Master Volume control
  • USB/Memory Card Playback