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Clamps and Couplers

Trussing and Totems > Clamps and Couplers
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Elation Eye Clamp


Elation Eye Clamp - Black


Elation Narrow Clamp - Black


Elation Pro Clamp Black


Elation Pro Swivel Clamp


Elation Trigger Clamp


Elation Trigger Clamp Black


Global Truss CP0092 Coupler - Conical


Global Truss CP0105 Coupler F14 - Conical Connecting Coupler


Global Truss CP0131 Half Coupler


Global Truss CP0235 Coupler PinF34 (10-Pack)


Global Truss F140105 Coupler PinF14 (10-Pack)


Global Truss ST-5003 F23 Truss Coupler for F23 Truss


Global Truss ST-5029A Mini Hinge


Global Truss ST-UJB/C-12 - Universal Junction Conical Coupler (4-Pack)


Global Truss ST-UJB/C-F14 F14 Conical - Single Unit


Global Truss ST-UJB/C2-12 - 3/8" Extension Universal Junction Conical Coupler (4-Pack)


Show Solutions CSC120050 - Clamp - Pro Coupler 2" Wide


Show Solutions CSC120050BLK - Clamp - Pro Coupler 2" Wide, Black


Show Solutions CSC120050EB Pro Half Coupler 2" Wide w/ Harden Eye Bolt


The Light Source Mega Clamp - Black


Trusst CT-CONKIT Connectors for Truss and Corners - Not Compatible with Arch or Goal Kits


Trusst CT-CONKIT6WAY Connectors for 6-Way Corner Block - Not Compatible with Arch or Goal Kits - copy - copy


Trusst CT-CONKITB Connectors for Base Plates - Not Compatible with Arch or Goal Kits - copy


Trusst CT-PIN12 Connector Safety Pins and Spigots - 12-Pack - Not Compatible with Arch or Goal Kits