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Global Truss Global Screen - Lycra Screen Only


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The Global Truss Lycra Video Screen is a portable projection screen made of 4-way stretch Lycra that can be used at almost any shape and any size up to 8 to 10' by 6 to 8.5'. Images can be projected onto the front or the rear of the rugged, weatherproof screen, indoors or out. Bungee cords and clips hold the screen at 12 anchor points for increased stability, and to stretch the fabric more evenly over the truss supports, preventing rippling, and creating a smoother surface. The multiple anchor points also help prevent stress on the fabric, making it more durable.

The Global Screen is machine washable (although dry cleaning is recommended), and fire-retardant. It's supplied with a convenient carrying bag and 12 bungee cords. This is the perfect backdrop for video presentations, slideshows and ambient color displays.

  • 4-way stretch Lycra screen
  • Screen can be used at sizes up to 8-10' by 6-8.5'
  • 12 anchor points--12 bungee cords are included
  • Fire-retardant
  • Washable (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER)