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Data Video EPB-1340G - Educator's Production Bundle With PTC-140 Cameras And Green Screen


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This version of Datavideo's Educator's Production Bundle (also known as EPB-1340G) is a K-12 Two Camera Video Production Studio. This bundle is a complete workflow that is designed for educators to teach the fundamentals of live video production. Along with having two camera operability, there's also a lighting kit and green screen so you can also do chroma key effects. With this bundle, students will be able to produce news shows, morning announcements and other live event productions.

The included Teachers Guide and Activity Book offers recommended lesson plans, activities, and step by step how-to tutorials backed by professional videographers, show hosts, and producers.


  • HS-1300 case
  • 2x PTC-140 PTZ cameras
  • TP-150 Teleprompter
  • WR-500 remote control
  • 2x 50ft. SDI Cables
  • RMC-180 PTZ Controller
  • Lighting Kit
  • 10x24 green screen and stand
  • 100ft Cat6 Cable
  • BNC Barrel Adapter
  • Video Production Teacher's Guide (TG100) and Activity
  • HS-1300 Hand Carry Studio:
    • 4x HD-SDI and 2x HDMI inputs
    • Built-in H.264 streaming encoder
    • SD card slot on the front of the unit for recording
    • Dual Chromakey, Lumakey, DSK, PIP
    • Stinger transitions, still store, and user memories
  • PTC-140 PTZ Camera:
    • 20x Optical Zoom
    • Tally lights
    • Digital noise reduction
    • Auto/manual options for Iris Control and White Balance
  • RMC-180 PTZ Controller:
    • Control of up to 4 PTZ cameras
    • Pan, tilt and zoom with speed control by large joystick
    • Control of pan, tilt, and zoom as well as iris, focus, gain and other functions
    • Multiple presets for pan, tilt, and zoom of each camera
  • TP-150 Teleprompter + WR-500 Remote:
    • PTZ teleprompter kit for iPod & Android tablets
    • WR-500 Remote works by Bluetooth or wired connection
  • HC-1300 Portable Case:
    • Heavy duty case made from strong polypropylene
  • TG-100 Teachers Guide:
    • Class curriculum and activity book included
    • Teaches you how to use equipment
    • Link to Video Tutorials